Opex C-Real

Category: → Seed Primer

OPEX C-REAL is patented formula of seed primer for all cereals. It provides important plant nutrients from the initial plant growth stage.

Opex Advance Plus

Category: → Liquid Fertilizer

OPEX ADVANCE PLUS is an excellent foliar applied nutrient combination to boost the vegetative growth of crops. The available nutrient composition enhances photosynthesis of the plant, ultimately increasing the yield.

Opex Calseen Plus

Category: → Liquid Fertilizer

OPEX CALSEEN PLUS is a Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium and Boron based product to develop a strong healthy plant. It will help to develop the tolerance against pest deceases

Opex Rosa K40

Category: → Liquid Fertilizer

OPEX ROSA K40 is a High K product with other plant nutrients. This is an ideal formulation for flowering, Fruiting and tuber formation.

Opex Total

Category: → Liquid Fertilizer

OPEX TOTAL is a patented formula of all plant nutrients. Suitable for quick nutrient deficiency rectification during all plant growth stages.

Opex Wega Plus

Category: → Liquid Fertilizer


Every crop has its own genetic potential. This can be defined as the optimum theoretical potential yield. In practice, the influence of the climate, pathogens, agronomic problems, availability of sunlight, water, nutrients cause the crop to yield less than the full potential. WEGA PLUS ensure to minimize the affects caused by above factors to achieve maximum yield